Lay away plan for art: Uprise Art

You can now become a series Art Collector and not have to spend thousands of dollars thanks to Uprise Art. The concept is simple:

1) Sign up for free and become a member at if you live in NYC you can attend some of their cool events and hang with some of the artists – very inspiring! I recently attended an event they hosted at The Norwood Club. It was great to meet the artists face to face and listen to why they created their art and share a glass of wine together.

2) Browse the online gallery and start hunting for art that you love

3) Buy your art or make monthly contributions from $50 a month, 100% of your dollars go towards purchasing your art!

Some of my personal favorites are below!

ASHOK SINHA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 16″ x 20″ (2009) Digital Archival Pigment Print. Edition of 15. Part of the “Columbia Collects” featured exhibit.

$1150 framed

Ashok Sinha: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ashok Sinha: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Leif Huron, Summer Girls, 24″ x 36″ (2011) Digital C-Print. Edition of 15.

LEIF HURON, Summer Girls 1
LEIF HURON, Summer Girls 1

Cecile Brunswick, Vivid Reflections, 30″ x 30″, Oil Paint on Linen Canvas, $ 5760

Cecile Brunswick - Vivid Reflections
Cecile Brunswick – Vivid Reflections