20 mirrored colorful sunglasses looks to channel some warm inner sunshine!

Here are my top five reasons mirrored sunglasses (blue, green, purple & yellow) are one of my favorite street style trends right now:

1) Mirrored sunglasses look so darn coollllllll and play homage to the 80s Oakley trend that I loved so much, remember Frogskins or blades anyone?

2) Wearing bright blue or green mirrored sunglasses allows you to channel an actress from a sci fi flick … I usually channel Zoe Salanda from Guardians of the lost galaxy or Emily X (can’t remember her name right now from ah ha Emily Blunt from the film Living on the Edge, oh wait.. I mean Edge of tomorrow.

3) Mirrored sunglasses block the world out so no one can see your eyes

4) Mirrored sunglasses let you fly incognito as no one can really see you properly!

5) My most favorite attribute about mirrored sunglasses is that they add a pop of color to your outfit that makes you look kinda playful and fun!chiara ferragni mirrored sunglassess street style fashion trend nyc


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