Owner of Lombardis  John Brescio with a classic margherita pie
Owner of Lombardis John Brescio with a classic margherita pie

Google map’s simply describes Lombardi’s as a ‘classic pizza joint’ which is exactly precise. Claiming to be the first pizzeria in New York established in 1905, a tough claim to validate, but uh… I guess we can go with it. Lombardis is an uber traditional tourist mecca style Italian restaurant serving Italian classics such as veal scallopini, lasagne, seafood linguini etc, complete with the red and white checkered plastic table cloths and straw covered wine bottles and red carnations. However, as touristy as Lombardi’s is, it is a great Nolitan landmark and institution that has served dam good pizza for over 100 years. My favorite is the Italian sausage pizza, the dough is ridiculously good!

Plus I must confess when I first moved to Nolita five years ago, my very first meal was at Lombardi’s, I was renting an apartment upstairs and I enjoyed it tremendously. You just can’t beat listening to their Italian music like that’s amore, sipping a glass of chianti, nibbling on garlic bread, watching the bar tender who’s worked at Lombardi’s forever going about his evening, all whilst enjoying the smell of your pizza cooking.

website. www.firstpizza.com

address. 32 Spring Street, NYC NY 10013

phone. (212) 941-7994

hours. 11.30am ­- 11.45pm

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