L'asso NYC pizzeria nolita
L’asso NYC pizzeria nolita

L’asso is a hip, cool modern pizzeria owned by Thomas Barris serving more then 20 healthy varieties of pizzas using unbleached, unbromated flour, fired in a rare double arch oven! Located on the corner of Kenmare and Mott Streets, the Margarita pizza is simply the best! I also love the marscapone with portobello mushrooms, gorgonzola, and truffle oil pizza.

Since 2004 L’asso has commissioned a street artist every month to paint their wall facing Kenmore street, so it’s always fun to see who they are show casing each month.

My favorite street artists from 2014 were Bradley Theodore who did the Anna Vs Karl mural and Kelsey Montague who painted the Angel Wings. If you’re in a hurry and just want to stop for a quick slice of pizza and a coke at their bar, dining solo, L’asso is the perfect casual pizzeria to go to in Nolita.

l'asso margarita pizza
l’asso margarita pizza
kelsey montague angel wings nolita
kelsey montague angel wings nolita kenmare and mott streets outside l’asso

website. www.lassopizza.com

address. 192 Mott Street NYC NY 10013

phone. (212) 219-2353

hours. 11.30am ­ 11.30pm


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