fiat cafe nyc nolita mott and spring streets
fiat cafe nyc nolita mott and spring streets

Like a fiat car from the 1950s this cafe is cute, sexy and quintessentially Italian. Fiat cafe is a Roman 1950s inspired cafe that’s been in Nolita for 10 years or more now. It’s most outstanding quality is it’s very inexpensive and great value tasty food, I’d even go as far as saying it’s the best value for money in Nolita. I like Fiat’s 50s laid back European vibe, the retro red vinyl chairs, and magazines surround you to encourage you to relax and not rush. Plus somehow I can always get a table here, no waiting or lining up outside which is a major bonus in our neighborhood. The fiat motorbike retro posters form an eclectic perimeter around you. Their food is just consistently good, not mind blowing or trying to hard, just solid fresh modern Italian food. The breakfast bagels are especially good, the smoked salmon is my choice, cream cheese red onions, drizzled olive oil and capers.

Usually I find myself headed to Fiat for a quick candle light dinner amongst friends. Try the clam linguine. Their coffee is average, but fair and totally drinkable. Fiat is cheap dining, but with a decent dose of euro atmosphere and some serious charm. Oh and they have free wi­fi if you need it. I have often worked from Fiat cafe for a few hours in the afternoon to escape the office.

Note to self, if you see a motorized skateboard scooter outside, you know the owner is there! He’s very easy going, friendly and attentive of his restaurant, which I really admire! Oh and has a great Italian accent ;­)


address. 203 Mott Street NYC NY 10013

phone. (212) 969-1809 

hours. 8am ­- 11pm

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