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Bess is a true New York 80s vintage punk clothing store, but with a bad bad attitude and a serious case of goth 80s nostalgia. Bess is for sure one of my all time favorite stores in Nolita. Why I hear you ask me? Well it’s just super unique, you can tell from the moment you walk into the store how the owners have poured their heart and soul into making this place a real life extension of themselves their interests and fashion taste.

The name of store came from the owners wife, ohh how sweet! Super cool story behind this….. the couple were moving at the time (apparently they had moved a whole tonne in the past and were just over it) and there were boxes around their apartment everywhere marked ‘save this for Bess’, so there it was.

Bess is packed with studded black leather biker jackets and biker boots a plenty, chunky silver jewelry and chains, vintage rock t-shirts, dusty lace slips, studded denim vests, denim zipper dresses, worn out silks, leopard print denim cut offs, ripped up jeans, a complete post punk goth grunge fashion emporium.

Doug Abraham started Bess way back in 2000 in the East Village, but moved to Lafayette street in 2007.

bess store nolita lafayette street




address. 292 Lafayette Street NYC NY 10012

phone.  (212) 219-0723


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