Back in 2009 Chiara Ferragni launched the Blonde Salad and now she is one of the biggest bloggers is the business. Chiara is part of the blogging elite as she works with major brands, has over 2 MILLION followers on Instagram and is the creative director of her own shoe line. Business of Fashion named her one of the most influential personalities in the industry.

Now she has teamed up with Louis Vuitton to share her photo diary (shot by her boyfriend Andrew) to celebrate the launch of Louis Vuitton’s brand new dreamy Lockit bag. We spoke to Chiara to find out her summer style tips…

What should everyone always carry in their handbag?

‘I love to bring with me all my essentials: my iPhone, a lip-balm, some chewing gum.’

How many bags do you own? Do you change handbags a lot?

‘I have never counted them all, but they are hundreds for sure. I was used to changing bags almost everyday, but now I usually keep the same model for a couple of days and I feel like wearing my super-fav ones more and more.’

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[Andrew Arthur]
Favourite thing to wear with Lockit bag?

‘The new Lockit is so soft, comfortable and elegant itself that it can easily make the difference in every look. Probably, my favourite one is a casual one: jeans, white tee and slip-on’s.’

What was the shoot with Louis Vuitton like?

‘It was a very special day as it was my birthday and Louis Vuitton and my whole crew did a great surprise to me with a super delicious flower cake! A memorable and funny day… so, even if it was a bit cold in Milan at that time, I was so full of energy and excitement. Last but not least, I’m always honoured to work with Louis Vuitton and enjoy their world… I feel so close to the brand since I was a teenager and it makes me still dream.’

What are your style tips for summer?

‘I’m in a very black and white period, so I love either to mix them together or either to go for total white and total black outfits. I’m also into wearing colours, but they need to be very sophisticated and unexpectedly matched together. Denim all over is also a must! My wardrobe’s new-in are the Soft-Lockit bag of course, Birkenstock sandals, vintage Levi’s 501.’


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