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Song has perfected the high-low mix for her blog, pairing luxury brands with high-street brands, or with something she made herself, in unexpected and inspired ways.

Obsessively blogging the clothes and accessories she loves has garnered a huge international audience for LA fashionista Aimee Song’s accessible but aspirational sense of style.

Aimee Song is one of fashion’s latest darlings, the girl everyone wants to dress like. The Los Angeles-based interior designer and blogger is among a new crop of fashion influencers currently defining what’s buzz-worthy and trendy by giving unedited, uncensored commentary to a global audience.

Bloggers of her ilk “represent the masses because we’re real people, not supermodels or celebrities, so consumers can relate to us”, says Song, whose blog Song of Style — showcasing a blend of modern, edgy Californian chic — gets in excess of 1.5 million hits a month. “I realised after I started my blog that people actually cared about my style opinion and I love being an influencer,” she adds. Not yet 30, she’s also appeared in high-profile publications from Women’s Wear Daily to The New York Times, guest-edited Korean Vogue and raked in a string of luxury brand collaborations.

What makes Song stand out from the pack of preening, self-consciously hip trendsetters is her accessible but aspirational sense of style. She has perfected the high-low mix, pairing Alexander Wang or Stella McCartney with high-street brands such as H&M and Zara or with something she made herself, in unexpected and inspired ways. A scroll through her Instagram pics gives a snapshot of Song’s fashionable life: a swish of cream cashmere and black skinny jeans in Paris; at the New York Fashion Week shows in a red-plaid Karen Millen mini-skirt and Rag & Bone biker jacket one day and in Philosophy denim flared overalls the next; and in a black neoprene bikini, her hair in a fishtail braid, with a gold shark-tooth around her neck, on the windswept beaches of Aruba. “I enjoy discovering different scenes in different places,” says Song. She also likes taking pictures of herself “and with my blog I have an excuse to do it multiple times a day.”

Born to parents of Korean descent in Los Angeles, Song never dreamt of working in fashion: “I was a tomboy as a teenager and into sports. I always liked interiors more than fashion, which is why I still work as an interior designer.” She began blogging in 2008 while studying interior architecture in San Francisco, originally as an outlet for interior design shots. On a whim, Song uploaded a photograph of one of her outfits. It quickly sparked positive feedback from strangers. The buzz grew and luxury brands were soon in tow. “It’s a passion project and not about chasing money. I’m a believer in the adage that if you do what you love, the money will follow.”

Since creating her blog, Song has bagged collaborations with brands such as True Religion, Fossil, Levi’s and 7 for All Mankind, and has been employed by Macy’s as Bar III’s flea-fashion ambassador, travelling across the country with the Macy’s team scouring flea markets in various cities. “I’m very picky with who I partner up with because I only work with things I like and believe in,” she says, recalling how naïve she was starting out: teaming up with brands without getting paid, in exchange for some free designer swag.

Song is also pragmatic in her approach to fashion: “If I can’t afford something I first try to find something similar and if I can’t find something, then I make it myself,” she says. Song also offers step-by-step tutorials with short, upbeat and sometimes wantonly improvisational videos. “I think you can dress more stylishly on a budget because you have to really think about your outfit as opposed to just being able to afford anything you want. If I spend a lot of money, I tend to buy investment pieces. The most expensive item I’ve ever bought was my Céline bag but I’ve carried it so much I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.”

Song is strongly influenced by her parents’ work ethic: “I grew up in Los Angeles and both of my parents worked for what we had. I don’t ever really switch off unless I’m hanging out with my grandmother, who’s visiting me right now from Korea. Because I have two jobs it’s tough to have much of a personal life but that’s something I chose. It helps having an understanding boyfriend. Blogging has taken over my life, but I feel like I’m living every day to the fullest because I’m doing what I love.”


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