Why are tattoos so addictive? Here’s my top 5 reasons that I can come up with….

new york social club tattoo parlour megan
new york social club tattoo parlour megan massacre

It seems that I may have an addiction. And not the one I would have ever imagined myself getting. I want to get another tattoo. I already have two tattoo’s, one on each of the inner side of my wrists. One for each of my grandparents when they passed away and went to heaven. I felt compelled to scar myself, to leave an unforgettable trace of what they both meant to me. Pure love and happiness. Yet lately after 5 or so years from getting my first tattoo, I’ve been pondering about getting another one.

So this got me thinking, are tattoos really that addictive? I mean what am I getting addicted to here? I just don’t have an addictive personality. I’m pretty self controlled, I even waited til I was 31 years old to get my first tattoo. So why am I obsessively thinking about getting another one?

Here are 5 good reasons that I’ve come up with on why getting a tattoo is so addictive:

1) Getting a tattoo is like inking a very specific part of your life that you want to remember, every day, every moment you are alive.

2) Tattoos are a liberating creative form of expression. Tattoos are essentially art. But permanent for the most part. They represent a part of yourself, a past, a moment, a person, a personal statement or feeling you don’t want to forget, ever.

3) Tattoos can act as a form of a social statement. They represent something that is counter culture, a rebellious side to your otherwise mild mannered respectable self. You can channel another version of yourself rocking a tattoo, like your inner wild child.

4) The process of getting a tattoo, is similar to a rite of passage. You search endlessly for the right words, picture, drawing or script. Its a lengthly often emotional journey. Most people don’t get inked on a drunken night (well some people do and I’m sure regret it later). I would assume most people plan out the tattoo their going to get for months or years in advance.

5) Tattoos are very trendy right now. It’s very easy to consider getting another tattoo when our social celebrities have so many and have made tattoos super popular. I can easily list hundreds, but right now these are the celebs that come easily to mind: Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora and Rihanna are high on my google search list when Im looking at celebrity’s tattoos.

Sooooo, if you like me are thinking about getting a tattoo then I suggest you head down to these folks, ‘Wooster Street Social Club‘ on Wooster and Grand Streets, in Soho, they seem to know what their doing! They’ve got their own TV show on tlc so their pretty dam good!

new york social club tattoo parlour tv show

Oh and in case you guys wanted to check out my latest celeb tattoo inspirations, here are my top 5 celebrity tattoos of the moment:

1) Rihanna’s goddess Isis tattooed on her chest in remembrance of her grandmother

rihanna chest tattoo of isis the Egyptian goddess
rihanna chest tattoo of isis the Egyptian goddess

2) Rita Ora Smoking Graceful Lady Tattoo

Rita Ora Lady Back Tattoo
Rita Ora Lady Back Tattoo

3) Megan Fox’s Back Shoulder tattoo ‘we will all laugh at gilded butterflies’ by Shakespeare in King Lear.

megan fox tattoo we will all laugh at gilded butterflies
megan fox tattoo we will all laugh at gilded butterflies

4) Cara Delevigne’s lion tattooed on her finger just like a ring, representing to her heritage, mother England!

cara_delevingne_lion_tattoo_left ring finger
cara delevingne lion tattoo left ring finger

5) Erin Wasson, the stunning supermodel has several tattoos, but I particular like her under arm arrows tattoo which looks very much like the artwork from Dr Woo in LA, and I also like her tribal script tat!

Erin wasson tattooed model tribal script tattoo
Erin wasson tattooed model tribal script tattoo