The Top 20 fashion bloggers that rule the fashion world

Ok, so we’ve done all the hard work for you… yesterday I trawled endlessly through instagram to collate the ultimate top 20 most powerful fashion bloggers list. Infact I even went to the effort to create a tumblr blog to collate daily all of the top 20 fashion bloggers insta posts!!! It’s fascinating comparing how different they are, literally side by side and what fashion bloggers post from city to city (Sydney to London, New York to Paris, Milan to St Petersburg), country to country (our seasons can be the inverse of one another, when it’s summertime in NYC it’s the wintertime in Melbourne) varies quite alot.

There was nothing decent out there, nothing up to date, or a solid comprehensive list of fashion bloggers so here is it peeps! The top 20 fashion bloggers I consider them to be mavens of style, individual storytellers that share with us their private worlds, all the secret fashion business stuff that often goes on behind closed doors, what fashion street style exists in their corner of the world, what inspires them on their global adventures to create and produce their blogs everyday.

So… according to the most Instagram followers each fashion blogger has, may I present the world’s most popular fashion bloggers of the moment:

1) The Blonde Salad – Winner – the worlds most popular fashion blogger!

  • Instagram followers: 2.84 million
  • Facebook: 861k
  • Twitter: 211k

the blonde salad blogger chiara ferragni

2) Song of Style 

  • Instagram followers: 1,761,000
  • Facebook: 303,000k
  • Twitter: 47,000

Aimee Song power fashion blogger song of style

3) Sincerely Jules

  • Instagram followers: 1.6 million
  • Twitter: 40k

sincerely jules at cochella fashion blogger

4) TuulaVintage

  • Instagram followers: 1.3 million
  • Facebook: 584k
  • Twitter: 29k

tuula vintage fashion australian blogger

5) Le-Happy 

  • Instagram followers: 1 million
  • Facebook: 323k
  • Twitter: 10.3k

le-happy fashion blogger nyc Luanna Perez-Garreaud

6) Gary Pepper Girl

  • Instagram followers: 966k
  • Facebook: 200k
  • Twitter: 25k

gary pepper girl nicole warne fashion blogger

7) Mira Duma

  • Instagram followers: 887k
  • Facebook: 29k
  • Twitter:  56k
Miroslava Duma nyfw celebrity - russian fashionista 2014
Miroslava Duma nyfw celebrity – russian fashionista 2014

8) Who What Wear

  • Instagram followers: 757k
  • Facebook: 448k
  • Twitter: 1.41 million

whowhatwear fashion blog

9) Man Repeller

  • Instagram followers: 716k
  • Facebook: 171k
  • Twitter: 203k

man repeller leandra medine

10) We Wore What

  • Instagram followers: 647k
  • Facebook: 42k
  • Twitter: 34k

whoworewhat fashion blogger nyc

11) Peace Loves Shea

  • Instagram followers: 618k
  • Facebook: 76k
  • Twitter: 22k

peacelovesshea by shea marie

12) Fashion Toast

  • Instagram followers: 598k
  • Facebook: 403k
  • Twitter: 115k

fashion toast rumi neely la based fashion blogger

13) Byranboycom 

  • Instagram followers: 546k
  • Facebook: 67k

bryanboy fashion blogger

 14) A Bikini A Day

  • Instagram followers: 410k
  • Facebook: 18k
  • Twitter: 11k

Natasha Oakley A Bikini A Day

15) Oracle Fox 

  • Instagram followers: 405k
  • Facebook: 140k
  • Twitter: 6.8k

Oracle Fox amanda shadforth

16) Helena Bordon 

  • Instagram: 388k
  • Facebook: 56k
  • Twitter: 73k

Helena Bordon fashion blogger from brazil

17) Shine by Three 

  • Instagram followers: 258k
  • Facebook: 20k
  • Twitter: 15k

shine by three margaret zhang

18) camtyox

  • Instagram: 252k
  • Facebook: 24k
  • Twitter: 20k

camille over the rainbow fashion blogger based in London

19) Garance Dore

  • Instagram followers: 246k
  • Facebook: 166k
  • Twitter: 5k

Garance Dore NYC based fashion blogger

20) Pink Peonies

  • Instagram followers: 243k
  • Facebook: 49k
  • Twitter: 10k

rachparcell pretty peonies fashion blogger

Watch list … 

 The Fashion Fruit

  • Instagram followers: 186k
  • Facebook: 1,365,000
  • Twitter: 125k

veronica ferraro fashion fruit italy fashion blogger

Into The Gloss

  • Instagram followers: 184k
  • Facebook: 52k
  • Twitter: 2k

emily weiss into the gloss

Harper and Harley  

  • Instagram: 174k
  • Facebook: 88k
  • Twitter: 9k

harper and harley fashion blogger sydney


  • Instagram followers: 170k
  • Twitter: 58k

hanelli fashion blogger

We The People Style

  • Instagram followers: 91k
  • Facebook: 8k
  • Twitter: 4k

Jessie Bush We Style The People Fashion Blogger


  • Instagram followers: 132k
  • Facebook: 5k

lookdepernille fashion blogger

The Glamouri

  • Instagram followers: 106k
  • Facebook: 51k
  • Twitter: 11k

the glamourai kelly framel nyc fashion blogger

Tales of Endearment

  • Instagram followers: 75k
  • Facebook: 6k
  • Twitter: 13k

Natalie Joos jxxsy fashion blogger

They all hate us

  • Instagram followers: 129k
  • Facebook: 60k
  • Twitter: 4k

they all hate us tash and elle fashion bloggers sydney

A pair and a spare

  • Instagram followers: 90k
  • Facebook: 154k
  • Twitter: 9k

a pair for a spare fashion blogger hong kong