The New Gypsies Travel to NYC

Iain McKell - The New Gypsies
Iain McKell - The New Gypsies

The New Gypsies Exhibition – Iain McKell

Opening Reception
September 15, 6-8pm

Clic Gallery, NYC
August 29 – October 2

The magical Clic Gallery at 424 Broome Street in Nolita is hosting a new exhibition by Iain McKell, documenting 10 years of his close relationship with these effervescent spiritual gypsies from North of London, UK.

The Clic Gallery 424 Broome Street New York, NY 10013

(30.8 –2.10.11 Tue- Sun 11-7, t: 212-219-9308

“musical and magical, simple, basic and self-sustaining”

Ezmeralda Sanger writes intimately about her daily life as one of the New Gypsies – the importance of their horses, their caravans and their music, their constant search for back roads to travel on, and their celebration of the simple life. Sustainability is a constant motif, as well as the rediscovery of everyday magic: “the wagon is the symbol of our ideology. It represents a belief that life can … be colourful and quirky, musical and magical, simple, basic and self-sustaining.”

Fashion and social documentary photographer, Iain McKell has tracked and befriended a ‘small tribe’ of New Gypsies for over ten years. But it is 25 years since he took his first series of photographs of the travellers from which they evolved. Six of those images, that he calls ‘the precursors’ in the history of The New Gypsies were to remain with him. Here, starting with the six, his lens captures their personalities, way-of-life and their ideals.

Iain McKell’s photographs of this new group of itinerants reveal his deep-seated attraction to both the people and
the lifestyle, and betray mixed perceptions of a romantic life coupled with a hard one. The women exude a ragged
glamour; the male subjects have a harder edge. But every photo is permeated with a wistfulness and sense of being a proud outsider.