Hang with the Hipsters – Mott Street

Epistrophy Cafe

If you want to be scene with the hip crowd, then look no further then Epistrophy Cafe, cause this ‘it’ cafe on Mott Street, just off Spring Street is by far Hipsterville. It’s the ‘Sunday Brunch roll call of where to go to be scene. Expect cool attitudes from the servers, and the food is good, but not great.

It’s also a decent dinner place to hang, drink, eat slow and watch the sidewalk show stroll by. It’s not the cheapest eat in the hood, but you’re certainly not going to pay an arm and a leg for food that is mediocre.

Epistrophy cafe menu
Epistrophy cafe menu
Gnochetti Campidanesi Epistrophy Cafe
Gnochetti Campidanesi