Condor closes it’s doors in Nolita ;-(

Condor fall essentials

Oh nooooooo…. Condor my fav fav fav independent clothing and accessories store on Elizabeth Street will be closing it’s doors after 3 magical years today….;-( ;-( ;-(

Loriann Smoak you are a true visionary, a Nolita star that will not be forgotten. I loved your independent sense of style, casual elegance and bohemian rocker flair.

Condor is on the move to a Pop Up Store located at 52 Kenmare Street Nolita, so expect bargains a plenty to all the bargain vultures out there 😉 and all new Autumn clothes and accessories. Loriann Smoak informed our friends at NY Racked that stock will be drastically reduced.

That’s it folks, I think we’re witnessing the move out of the true boho indie stores that created Nolita’s special vibe.  I fear times are changing as the big ole backed clothing brands move into the hood and push up the price of rents that our lil indie stars just can’t afford.

You can still shop online with Condor Shop:

Condor store nolita moving to pop up
Condor store nolita moving to pop up