Uprise Art opens Pop-up Gallery

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Uprise Art opens it’s doors today for a pop-up art gallery called: Outpost. Outpost can be found on the corner of 18th St and 9th Ave, and will host back-to-back art exhibitions and events, bringing the fresh faces of the emerging art world.

rebeca raney

Rebeca Raney will be apart of the festivities. Rebeca’s work is filled with whimsical flora, hybrid animals, and a cast of characters from an imaginary world the artist refers to as RANEYTOWN. Rebeca’s sculptures are inspired by her drawings and created as a means of bringing her drawings to life – the characters in her drawings realized in her sculptures with colorful fabric upholstery and tangible adornments such as her signature hand-embroidery.


Diana Delgado is also apart of the Uprise Art Pop-up. Dianas known for her large, mixed-media paintings  with hints of recognizable imagery. Her paintings are very much about painting and a love of the medium. Seemingly unstable architectural structures are often featured within the abstract canvases. Reoccurring themes include personal narrative, fashion, and embracing frivolousness.

Uprise Art: Outpost / A pop-up gallery

120 9th Ave (at 18th St)

New York, NY 10011