Popup Art Exhibition on French Fries of New York


A clever ketchup company named Sir Kensington’s has come up with a brilliant idea to put the often overlooked french fries of New York on show.

The exhibition shows more then 100 different ‘fry’ varieties from restaurants all over New York including Balthazar, Papaya King and Brooklyn’s Colonie. From skinny fries, to curly fries to steak fries, wedges, waffles fries and souffles.

Scott Norton owner of the company commissioned Guild a design collective to pick up french fries from local restaurants in New York with an aim to show the creativity restaurants are cooking up for the humble french fry.

Scott Norton commented “We wanted to show the diversity of these things that are ubiquitous and how they have changed with new American and fusion cuisines,” he said.

Fries of New York currently on exhibition, Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., 168 Bowery (Kenmare Street)