Where to get the best cup of coffee in Nolita???

A great cup of coffee is a must to get you through your day and we’re oh so lucky because the coffee culture in Nolita is alive and well. Nolita hoodsters support boutique coffee spots as true artisans and courageous entrepreneurs. It’s actually overwhelmingly obvious when you consider all of the great coffee shops we have along Broome, Lafayette, Mulberry, Mott and Elizabeth Streets. There’s got to be more then 30 I’d estimate. We just don’t have Starbucks or mega corporation backed stores, and I’m ever so grateful because I think Nolita is all the more special because of this uniqueness.

Soooooo….. after living in Nolita for 5 years now, it’s come down to this. These are my top 5 coffee shops that I think make the best cup of joe in Nolita.

1) Oro (Cnr. of Mott and Broome Streets)

Oro coffee

Time and time again, Oro’s owners just know how to make great coffee. Yes they have the drip stuff, which is actually surprisingly good. Their iced coffees in the summertime are the best and cold brewed overnight. But the most important part of making a perfect cup of coffee is the time and genuineness that goes into it. Oro’s staff and Eve the manager makes the best soy latte I’ve ever had in NYC yet. The soy milk is never oversteamed or too hot ready to scold my lips. My cup is filled to the perfect level and I can walk around the hood just in caffeine bliss!

2) Butchers Daughter (Cnr. of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets)

Butchers Daughter
Butchers Daughter

A newbie to Nolita, I think they’ve only been in our hood for 6 months or so now, but the crew at Butchers Daughter definitely make a perfect Americano and delicious almond nut latte. The best thing about their coffee is that you get to choose from a delicious selection of non dairy milk: 100% all natural almond, pistachio, hazelnut, soy and more! It’s nice to know that they are focused on your health and well being! All fruits and produce are bought from local farms in up state New York and Connecticut. Butchers Daughter are committed to supporting the local sustainability movement that is growing in momentum here in NYC everyday.

3) Gimme!


Renowned for their ‘leftist’ espresso blend coffee that is so damn tasty and creamy. Get this description from their website: “From sweet red fruit at the start to brown sugar middle and a balanced resinous finish, Leftist is intense, flavorful, viscous, and complex”. Yep Gimme take coffee roasting, blending and brewing to a higher level and it’s obvious because their coffee is sensational! Side note:  take 20% OFF their three new coffees: Ethiopia Kilenso Mokonisa, Indonesia Java Kayumas, and Peru Chirinos Epecial. Use the promo code JAN2020 at checkout!

4) Rubys (Cnr. Spring and Mulberry Streets)

Rubys chillax time
Rubys chillax time

Definitely I love this place, it’s my home away from home 😉 Australians take coffee making seriously, we simply don’t do drip coffee, plus we like to hang out, smell the roses and enjoy our coffee and you can here at Rubys, no rush man 😉 …chillax and enjoy. So it’s so refreshing to have a solid latte that is made fresh and not ‘burnt’ as can often happen. Rubys have ‘skim’ milk which is very hard to find in New York, the classic skim latte has got to be the most popular coffee you drink in Australia.

5) McNally Jacksons (cnr. Mulberry & Prince Streets)

mcnally jackson cafe

McNally’s uses Stumptown organic, direct trade beans and they are a must if you want to be legit, environmentally responsible and drink a coffee bean with a flavorful taste. The added bonus with McNally’s if you want to chill, read a book or two and just soak up the beautiful fun atmosphere then this is the place to come and enjoy a good cup of steaming coffee and watch some of the celebs that frequent here. Yep it’s a bit of a hipster hang-out, but hey it’s New York so you may be in the mood for that.

Stumptown direct trade coffee bag
Stumptown direct trade coffee bag