Little Rascal brings the Middle East to Nolita

Little Rascal Cafe and Bar Nolita
Little Rascal Cafe and Bar Nolita

I can honesty say having ordered and eaten at Little Rascal now from more then a dozen times, this restaurant is just nailing it. They clearly take great pride and care in attending to all the little details (and there can be many) when running a restaurant and cooking delicious food. The food is tasty and fresh, very consistent and reasonable priced. It’s not too simple, or too complicated. It just is what it is: damn good Middle Eastern cuisine.

Masking as a cafe by day, and restaurant by night, I think this is definitely an NYC trend here to very much stay, it’s so convenient cause you can go there 2 times a day and not feel lazy somehow!

I can highly recommend the Octopus salad. Octopus can be really hard to cook. Overcook and it becomes stringy and dry. Undercook and the real flavor is trapped.  But the Little Rascal chef nails my Octopus salad every time. The Chicken Shish Kebap (as they call it???) is also a yummy dish, I’m not particularly partial to Chicken, but my boyfriend ordered it the other day, and it looks damn good.

Little Rascal Cafe

163 Elizabeth St
(between Spring St & Kenmare St)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 966-0446

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