Fun, Fresh and White: Butchers Daughter Makes It Sunny in Nolita

Butchers Daughter
Butchers Daughter

Butcher’s Daughter located on Elizabeth Street and Kenmare Street in the heart of Nolita offers a Californian freshness long overdue in our hood.

We heart the pure white interiors with touches of yellow color reminiscent of sunshine.

We heart their fresh juices to keep us healthy and cleansed.

We love their simplistic approach to good food and casual just stroll on in feel.

Butchers Daughter Juices
Butchers Daughter Juices

Wow and talk about a star studded cast behind the scenes, Butcher’s Daughter has some serious panache. Owners and creators include:

Executive Chef

Joya Carton, who hails from Buvette

Founder & Creative Director

Heather Tierney, founder of Apothéke

Head Juiceologist

Brandi Kowalski, Brandi earned her juice merits at Jean-George’s ABC Kitchen

Butcher's Daughter Star Studded
Butcher’s Daughter Star Studded