Deli NoLita Style

Nolita's Delicatessen
Nolita's Delicatessen photo thanks to

Nolita’s hip fun ‘Delicatessen’ at 54 Prince Street is getting ready for the summer and the warmer weather we’re experiencing at the moment makes this place a perfect lunch destination. It’s cool SoHo vibe, fun people, and fashion darlings all set within the restaurants wood finished interiors make Delicatessen the perfect place to hang out for a long lazy lunch.

Delicatessen Prince Street Nolita
Delicatessen Prince Street Nolita photo thanks to

I especially like their take on ‘International Comfort Food’ and their set ‘Le Plat de Jour’ from $18 – $26 makes eating good food in our hood pretty darn affordable. Def if you can get in on a Friday the Bouillbaisse with lobster, cod, scallops, mussels, clams and my favorite herb ever, saffron is delich for a steal at $26~

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