Balthazar Where the Chic People Eat, Drink and Relax

Baltazaar French Bistro On Spring
Balthazaar French Bistro On Spring

So Balthazar is really like being transported to a bustling French bistro in Paris’s 4th Arrondissement thanks to it’s owners delicate talents, Mr. Keith McNally. Keith has set-up Balthazar to make you feel like it’s a special treat to be there, every moment.

The lighting is pretty, very warm and inviting, mirrors are everywhere and it’s always busy and quite hard to get into! Balthazar is not on the super saver budget list, prices range from $20 – $30, but I think it’s well worth it and you’ll not be disappointed. Besides what else are you supposed to do in Nolita but eat excellent food produced by true artisans that really care about their trade!

Balthazar is a special place you can go in Nolita to eat good food and feel good eating it! It’s a great date place too!

I really like just going there in the middle of the afternoon and people watching, it’s fascinating who you get to see there! Models, Celebs (Posh Spice dined there late last year), Old School New Yorkers, Families, Tourists, it’s a diverse bunch of people coming for good food and a really chi chi atmosphere that will make anyone in a bad mood feel good!

And don’t worry if it’s just you and you’re in town alone, the bar is perfect to sit at and dine for one and you won’t feel awkward at all!

Top recommendations we think you’ll like:

1) Their pastries and French Breads are the real deal – super flakey and buttery just like in Paris

2) Their Chicken Sandwich is a true treat

3) The Duck Confit – made in a true French style with thinly sliced potatoes and mushrooms won’t disappoint people who love Duck

4) Apparently their grilled Trout on a bed of warm spinach and walnuts is the bomb

5) The Braised Short Ribs for the meat eaters are a friend of mine’s favorite and he swears by them!

Baltaazar Bread
Baltaazar Bread

Feel like checking-out the inside of Balthazar like you’re there, but virtually, try this cool Google Maps app below that allows you to scan the inside of Balthazar like a virtual guest!

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