What does your coffee say about you?

New York is a coffee town. We take our coffee pretty seriously. Just take a look around the city and it’s not hard to see that we love our coffee and the secret divine buzz of caffeine. We have thousands of boutique coffee shops, roasters and cafes sprinkled all throughout the hood and plenty of caffeine addicted people clutching their coffees and coffee cups.

So if you’re a regular coffee drinker, (let’s say 1 or more cups a day) what does your coffee say about you? Maybe you mix it up a little, and go for some variety in your coffee drinking habits, see below if we’ve read your beans right!

We anonymously interviewed a ‘bean reader’ one of the New York’s top baristas to find out what you’re beans tell us about you!

  • Espresso shot – Try Gimme on Mott Street

– You’re a go-getter. You’re focused and on the path to success. You like to start your day off right, with a big jolt of energy. Double shot espresso drinkers have bundles of energy, usually are fast talkers, have places to be, are mostly running notoriously late and need to power through their day with several shots of espresso, someone maybe even an americano here and there too.

  • Iced CoffeeTry Ground Support on West Broadway

– You’re a little more mellow and easy going then the rest. Whilst you like your caffeine hit, you enjoy taking your time to sip in the earthy flavors the cold brew slowly draws in over night. Iced coffee drinkers are down to earth kinda folks complimenting their down to earth natures.

  • Latte – Try Happy Bones NYC on Broome Street

– You’re a style lover, you’re probably one of the most stylish people in your circle of friends. You love a little of this and a little of that and are probably not going to commit to an appointment til your super super sure you can. Latte drinkers enjoy the finer things life has to offer and aren’t afraid to seek them out.

  • DecafTry Oro cafe on Broome Street and Mott Street

– You’re a grounded relaxed person who enjoys the ritualistic pleasure of coffee, without the buzz. You’re smart, super organized, and relentlessly stubborn about why you’ve had to give up caffeine in the first place, but it’s worth it to you.

  • Soy Chai Latte – Try Butchers Daughter on Elizabeth and Kenmare Street

– You are a super friendly bright, happy go lucky person! Life’s been good to you and you’re grateful.  You’re probably either just coming from yoga class or about to go to one, and you’re full of love, light and peace.

  • Mocha – Try Rubys Cafe on Mulberry Street and Spring Street

– You’d like to have it all, but you have a secret ….. your sweet tooth. You’d prefer to have a mocha over a kit kat any day. Though you may be slightly in denial about your sugar/chocolate addiction, but hey what’s not to love about that. Mocha drinkers go for the sugar hit over the caffeine hit every time.

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Happy Bones coffee nolita

Happy Bones coffee NYC Nolita


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Happy Bones NYC Nolita coffee soy latte

Happy Bones NYC Nolita coffee


Happy Bones NYC Nolita

NY Times interactive coffee finding map



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