Single Sins: Yes Please!

Single Sins at Home Cafe in LES on Broome St
Single Sins at Home Cafe in LES on Broome St

So I was walking around LES this afternoon and spotted Single Sins these cute little gourmet single serving Treats at Home Cafe just off Orchard on Broome St. What a fantastic idea! Who wants to eat a whole chocolate bar when really all you need is just a little ‘sugar hit’ or a ‘peanut butter bath’ to keep you powering through your afternoon. Single Sins I think are the first company to come up with such an idea. Think you need a savory snack, like just 1 serving of Good Ole Corn Bread on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or maybe you just want an Old Fashioned Pretzel or just 1 Margarita Cup Cake? Well now thanks to Single Sins you can buy 1 cute little jar and mix it up at home, add your wet ingredients, bake away for 15 minutes and voila!

The creator originally came up with the idea for Single Sins from his Mom, who was always baking at home but only using a tiny portion of the recipe mix. When it came time for him to cook just 1 serving of the same recipe, he could never replicate what his good ole Mom had!

My fav is by far the ready to go shot of the Mint Covered Espresso Beans – Delich. Second favorite is the Love of Chocolate shot.

Single Sins are stocking locally in only the best cafes in Nolita and surrounding neighborhoods.

Or you can shop online on their fun colorful site below.